the b l o g: 

trustfundbroke was started in December 2012. I’ve dabbled in it ever since. Even though 2012-2016 didn’t have a distinct theme, I’ve always identified as a lifestyle blog as it gave me freedom to blog whatever was on my mind. 2017 and onward will have the lifestyle theme, but with more structure focusing on wellness, health, fashion & beauty, travel (when I get the chance), food and living your best year.

The Girl:  

A – 20 something Public Relations Grad

 C a n a d a.

I ♥ : 

Starbucks • Lilly Pulitzer • Summer • Nude Lips • Raybans • Reality TV •

Audrey Hepburn • Apple Products • Tanning • J-Crew •

Florida • Pinterest • Sequins • One Tree Hill • Stationary •

Blogging • Brunch • Movies • Glitter • Makeup •

Essie • Bangles • Pearls • Music • Magazines •

Legally Blonde  • Fashion • Peonies & Hydrangeas •

High Heels • Hot Chocolate • Big Sweaters •

Organization • Crime Shows and anything Preppy •

I dislike: 

Winter • Thunderstorms • Grumpy People • Being Told what To Do •

Roses • Math • Working Out • Air Heads • People Who Talk During Movies •

Scary Movies • Disorganization • Bad Hair Days

and Pens that run out of ink.


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  1. Hey! I have nominated this blog for the Liebster Award for bloggers. But you need to also further nominate your favorite blogs. Read about rules here;

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