{Friday Five}

Friday Five

Such a crazy few months! But here’s a long awaited Friday Five! 

ONE // Lauren Conrad giving birth. She gave birth to Liam James Tell this week and I am living for it. 

TWO // Chi Frappes from McDonald’s. Life changing, as long as you like chi.

THREE // Leave Your Mark – Aliza Light if you’re a PR Babe, I highly recommend reading this book

FOUR // Kate Spade’s 2018 Planners. 

FIVE // Patio Drinks, ’tis the season to have one (or a few) on a patio lookin’ fly with your pals. 


{Friday Five}

Friday Five

ONE // Miley’s new song, Mailbu. I am living for the Cyrus’s right now. Go listen to it. 

TWO // Snail mail, I’m all about sending my friends some love in the mail. What’s better than mail that isn’t a bill?

THREE // McDonald’s dollar drink days, I love my caffeine and I looooove my iced coffee. I’ll take a medium vanilla made with milk please 

FOUR // Tulips, I love the spring time and Tulips are just a quick and easy way to spruce up your home! 

FIVE // Paris Hiltons W magazine interview. I am not gonna sit here and lie and say I was not a fan of Miss Hilton in the early 2000’s. I had a “That’s Hot” shirt and I regret nothing. Paris, Brittney and Lindsay we’re icons. Paris was the original Kardashian (I mean, she gave Kim her start as a closet cleaner) and her brand is on point. I can not wait for the Hilton rise to fame again. Can not wait. 

{Friday Five}

Friday Five

Seriously, are you guys loving these posts as much as I am writing them? Being midterm season: I’m making this my organization faves.

1. My Plannerย – there is a whole post coming up on this because I am literally obsessed.

2. Post it notes – I have a sick obsession with them. Every size, every colour, shape you name it. My all time favourite is the all adhesive ones. Game changers.

3. Sharpies – I actually don’t know who allows me into stores anymore but I am a sharpie queen. sidenote: the highlighter with the see through part, best investment.

4. Paper Mate Flair– I use these for my planner mostly but also when I need to emphasize something in my notes. Best part? Unlike most Sharpies (except the pen) they don’t bleed through and any of my stationary people will yell a Amen.

5. My iPhone 6s + – okay, I get made fun of so much for the size of this baby, but I won’t go back down in size ever again. A) I’m a huge iPhone person because it’s simple and clean plus it merges with my MacBook Pro, so so well. I mostly use this to organize lists (groceries etc) and all my blog posts. (I write 98% of them on my phone – on the go, just like all of you)!

I’ve linked all the products through my Amazon Associates account, help a broke girl out! These opinions were 100% my own and have used over and over again for years.
What are your favourite organizational products? Leave it in the comments :)

{Friday Five}

Friday Five

I actually think about this post all week, I get so excited!

What’s on my radar this week:

Song: Body Like A Backroad – Sam Hunt ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Show: I know the new season came out over Christmas, but if you are Canadian I highly highly recommend LetterKenny. You will not regret it #Ferda

Drink of choice for the weekend: Jack Daniels & ginger. “I’m a whiskey drinkin, cowboy chasing hellva time” – Brooks & Dunn (and me)

What’s in my closet: Plaid, so much plaid.

Food: I’ve had a craving for penne pasta and alfredo all damn week.

Well, till next week! I have blog posts half started coming out of my ass.

{Friday Five}

Friday Five

I’ve always wanted to incorporate this into my blog somehow so every Friday I’m gonna list five things that have caught my attention in the week regarding music, fashion, movies, tv, books etc

Movie:ย I just watched Hacksaw Ridge with my roommate, it’s a war movie directed by Mel Gibson and has Andrew Garfield and a surprising (and very well done) appearance by Vince Vaughn.ย 

TV: TGIT came back last week, so you damn well I’ve recorded Greys and Scandal! (I need to watch the current season of HTGAWM)

Books: You Are A Badass – Jen Sincero I’ve had this since the summer and I’ve enjoyed it so far.ย 

Song of the week: Richย by Maren Morris. Her whole album is amazing and on repeat but this is my current favourite.ย 

Blogs: even though I read A LOT of blogs in a week I’m gonna do my first FridayFive to my dear friend Wine And Misadventuresย who has helped and motivated me a lot over the last few months. This ones for you girl ๐Ÿ’•

Well that’s it for this weeks round up! See ya next week