{Planner Post!} 


I’ve been literally promising you this planner post for months so here it is. Finally here it is. I’m generally a die hard Kate Spade planner fan I had one for 2013-14, 2015-16 (I had a Lilly Pulitzer in 2014-15) and then for this year, I had purchased a Day Designer.

First of all, I love Day Designer. Total #GirlBoss planner. My biggest issue was the 6am-9pm layout. I personally found I didn’t have enough things in my day to fully use it’s full potential. (Yes, I was in school at the time of using it) but everything else I loved about it. Hopefully in the future, I’ll be able to fill and maximize the full potential. Use for: your busy 9-5 life.

Second up was the Recollections by Michaels spiral planner (similar to the Happy Planner). It wasn’t a bad planner, had a good amount of space, easy to use, easy to organize (I did mine by home, school, other). I bought all the stickers, washi tapes basically decked it right out. I had no complaints until the hard plastic covers would rip off in my bags.

Use For: school mostly

Third and final planner is the Happy Planner. Comes in a wide variety of sizes and you’ve most likely seen a whole aisle of it at Michaels. What I really like about this is how you can add and subtract pages. (I’ve currently got the budget expansion pack in it). Also the accessories for the planner line is addictive. Damn you Michaels and your coupons. I’m currently using this for day to day activities and my work schedule (if the wall calendar and iCal wasn’t enough). I feel like this planner is great for moms and students. I’m currently starting to make my mom a customized one for her busy life.

Other organizers I have and use:

  • the Recollections Grateful Journal
  •  the Recollections Fitness Journal
  • a bullet Journal (Moleskine)
  •  a 5 subject notebook

What are you guys using? Let me know below or on my Instagram! I loooove planners 😊


{Post Grad Life}


“So no one told you life was gonna be this way, your jobs a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s D.O.A”

You work anywhere between 2-4 years on your degree or diploma and you put literal blood sweat and beers into it. Well the fun is ending and your parents are calling you everyday to talk about your future. Peace out higher education it’s been real. 
But, there’s this glorious thing called grad school (or 1 year diplomas in Canada) where it gives you options to pursue more education. Bring on the essays, plus it gives you time to figure out what you’re actually doing with your life. “Oh yes, I’m currently taking a grad program in __________”. And suddenly Aunt Susan, shuts up and goes “good for you honey!”

But for those who have entered the Post Grad world, welcome. So the Post Grad world is a maze (I’ve heard rumours it’s called adulting) you aim to get a job in your field, you have to figure out how to pay back your debt, you may live with your parents and you may have a job not even remotely close to what you just went to school for but it’s allllll good. You’ll also find that all of a sudden all your friends are getting married and having babies. I got drunk last week on a Monday @ 4:30 and cleaned my apartment (who is more fun than me). Anyways, I’ve got an okay job that lets me live a comfortable life but I’ve got bills and they are multiplying and a mother who goes “are you ever gonna work in your field?” (Public Relations, hit me up) 
I’m twenty six and half years old, I should know how to manage my finances better and budget and have some form of life plan. I don’t. I mean I have ideas, thoughts and would be nice to do – is that normal? Did I miss that at the Post Grad life meeting? Should I still desire to get absolutely shit faced on a Wednesday to 90’s music? Shouldn’t I have some cute Pinterest inspired apartment with my 6′ tall model boyfriend and our cute puppy? (not gonna lie, I really did think that I’d wake up with that one day like it was right of passage). 
Each day I find myself relating to that Alexis Bledel movie Post Grad. Even though there isn’t a manual (unless there is, then please sent it to me ASAP!) on how the world works after Post Grad in the words of my favourite teacher “Dream. Try. Do good” – Mr. Feeny

{The Words I’ll Never Say}


Saying goodbye to you has always been the hardest thing I’ve ever do. I never know if it’s the last time, maybe I’m dependent on you still, just bit. I’ve been your biggest fan for 2 years and I’m still your biggest fan. I’m so so so proud of you for being an adult. Don’t think because it hurts I’m not proud because I’m more of proud of you each day more than you know. I don’t know why it hurts because it shouldn’t, I’m so used to you leaving and I mean it like it’s rare if we’re in the same city. We’re not even dating, so it really shouldn’t hurt. We’ve had a hell of a year and in that year we were both forced to grow up a bit, and we’ve finally started to hit normal again. To say that all my feelings for you have gone away would be a lie, because much like you – they never really leave. Maybe, I’m still rooting for us. Sometimes, when we’re together I know you do too. But I also can’t wait around and plan my life around someone who doesn’t take me into consideration or maybe you do, I don’t know. Over the last few years I’ve watched you break my heart to put it back together and go through hell and back with me. You’ve been my biggest cheerleader when I wanted to give up, always there for every mental breakdown and I know I’m a lot to handle and yet you still found a way to love me through my many many flaws. Maybe you leaving is shitty because I’m finally able to plan out a future for once and I guess I always thought it would be with you. I just want you to know that I’m so proud of you, even if it does suck for me. I tell you all the time how thankful I am for you. I always will be, so go soar out there, I’ll be right where you need me cheering you on as always.

{Take a risk, take a chance, make a change..}


There’s always that one person you have a super complicated history with, and you may think you have had some before but then this happens and all of a sudden every Taylor Swift song makes sense.
They might be The One That Got Away or The One That Never Really Left. There is this one man that from the day we met, I knew and my gut feeling has always (and I mean always) on point when it comes to him. But thankfully, my gut loves everyone and I can use that feeling with other people too. I have that feeling with a friend of mine and a guy (which shall remain nameless for privacy and to not ruin the universe plans). That’s neither here nor there right now.

A friend of mine read this post over on Wine & Misadventures and then texted me some guy problems and long story short, they had a thing, he got a girlfriend, they broke up and now he wants to get coffee. I told her to go for it, see what happens because if she didn’t.. would he have been the one that got away? The universe opens (and closes) doors for a reason, and sometimes those doors never fully shut and sometimes they reopen. If the door reopens? Go explore it.
If you’ve missed it, during my absence I’m all about self love, and manifesting good energy into the universe and seeing what it has in store.
Okay, back to the original programming. So okay, hopefully you’re reading this screaming yassss girl in your head (or out loud, that’s cool too). So if you’re in this situation, you need to grab it by the horns and go for it. I’m not even talking about guys, I’m talking about get rid of those shitty & shady friends (we all have them!), I’m talking about the trip you’ve always wanted to go on. That job you’ve been to scared to go for. Manifest your life to what you want! Don’t be scared to do things that make you happy! Be happy, be sad, run a 10k (don’t sign me up for that!), dance it the fuck out like Meredith and Cristina. But remember my sweet sweet friends, that if you do shitty things to people karma will get you (or a psycho person you pissed off) so be good, but don’t be afraid to take chances!
and this post was supposed to be about dudes and fuck that, love yourself 🙌🏼✌🏼

[credit to the title of this post goes to my homegirl Kelly Clarkson]

{When your week starts off on the wrong side of the bed..}


So it’s Sunday night and it’s gonna be mid day Monday by the time this is posted (I know, I’m the worst) but I decided that it was gonna be the best week ever. Well let me say that every time something goes wrong in my life the Friends theme song plays in my head, so that’s fun.

So Monday morning rolls around, I literally stayed in bed till 7:50 because honestly, who’s gonna stop me? No one. Might have skipped my 2 hour law class (am I gonna be a lawyer, nah) and my friend on her way to get me (bless your soul) took out her mirror. So Monday was off to a rough start. She also forgot the Parking Pass. But it’s all good, I’m determined to turn this week upside down and make it my bitch.

So here’s how to have the best week ever when everything is against you:
Step One: sing that annoying lego movie theme song about having the best day ever.
Step Two: Make a tea or coffee whatever floats your boat

Step Three: look at your planner and figure out what you have to do this week

Step Four: go back to bed (JK, don’t do that)

Step Four for real: think of 7 things that are gonna make you happy this week. And you have to pick 7 cause it’s one per day.

Step five: allot your time PROPERLY, don’t overbook yourself. You do you.

Step Six: Breathe, I know your probably thinking wtf am I reading right now?? But trust me, take some deep breaths and recenter yourself.

Step Seven: let any negative thoughts go, you are what you put into the universe!

Also if you have any clutter in your house (or your dorm room) take sometime to declutter. Derek Shepherd says it’s a beautiful day to save lives and I say “it’s a beautiful day to clean your house”
Hopefully some of these tips can turn around your week :)

101 in 1001 part 2

Life, Personal Life


 Due date: September 30th, 2019 

Personal ( /20)

  1. Learn to cook
  2. Save Money
  3. Have a financial game plan
  4. Get my licence
  5. Purchase a car (new or used)
  6. Buy and use a Kitchen Aid mixe
  7. Do 12 random acts of kindness (/12)
  8. Attend a brunch somewhere where brunch is a thing
  9. Get personalized stationary
  10. Get something for my parents that they’ve always wanted
  11. Buy my grandparents dinner
  12. Professional pictures of me
  13. Professional pictures of the family
  14. Clean up my social media-ness
  15. Buy a couch
  16. Do a “No Spend Month”
  17. Buy my first piece of Tiffany’s jewelry
  18. Buy Tory Burch flats
  19. Pay off student debt
  20. Read 10 new books

Career (/8)

  1. Land a job in public relations (social media)
  2. Buy professional clothing
  3. Start a freelancing business
  4. Land an exec job
  5. Build an empire
  6. Set up website
  7. Business cards – professional freelancing
  8. Host a PR / Blogging event

Health (  /9)

  1. Go to a spa
  2. Lose weight and get down to 135 pounds
  3. Stay in the 130-140 range
  4. Go to the gym twice a week (or more) for 4 months straight
  5. Stop biting my nails.
  6. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a month
  7. Workout with a trainer
  8. Work on mental health
  9. Start doing yoga more regularly

Blog (/12)

  1. Guest post on another blog
  2. Get my blog featured somewhere
  3. Attend a blogging convention
  4. Outfit of the week on my blog
  5. Collaborate with a brand I love (even if its small)
  6. Publish five “How To’s” posts
  7. Photoshoots
  8. Blog Social Media pages
  9. Blog Business cards
  10. Domain name
  11. Reach 1,000 blog followers and 1,000 Instagram followers
  12. Be posting at least 3x a week by August 2018

Travel (/6)

  1. Go to New York City
  2. Christmas in New York (different from # 18)
  3. Travel to the Southern States (Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, The Carolinas, Florida)
  4. Travel within Canada
  5. Travel to Ottawa
  6. Go to Mexico or Cuba or Dominican

Fun & Creative (/19)

  1. Go tailgating
  2. Complete 10 DIY projects I’ve pinned from Pinterest (2/10
  3. Go snowmobiling
  4. Write a letter to myself for my 29th birthday
  5. Buy “coffee table” books
  6. Do an Ikea furniture hack
  7. Start my Memoir (at least have the draft done)
  8. Watch 5 Audrey Hepburn Movies (1/5)
  9. Publish an e-book
  10. Take Breakfast At Tiffany’s-esque photos in front of Tiffany’s
  11. Take my brothers to a professional hockey game
  12. Host a Super Bowl party
  13. See Eric Church, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert or Tim McGraw live.
  14. Print off pictures and organize them by year.
  15. Boots and Hearts round 2
  16. Havelock County Jamboree
  17. Go staking
  18. Have more coffee dates with friends
  19. Go to a pumpkin patch

DISCLAIMER: I still have room for 30 or so more “tasks” however I’m young, and I’ll add when I get inspired :)

{How to make 2017 #YourYear}


Let’s talk about 2017, okay. So for the most part I had a pretty crappy 2016 and you know what? I ain’t about that life. 2016 seriously got the best of me, so I’m gonna make 2017 the best of me. 

I did a 101 in 1001 a while back, and I didn’t accomplish everything on that list. I also have two major goals I’m working on from the business side of life – focusing a lot more on this blog & launching my side business all while finishing school. As well as stuff from the list I didn’t get around to doing. 

I’m making 2017 the year for me. I’m going to say no more, stay in more, realize 26 isn’t all that bad, do things for me. Get healthy and watch people go “when the hell did she get her life together”. Less hot mess, more I run a company, hi nice to meet you. I’m pledging to make 2017 as organized as my Pinterest boards. No more putting my happiness in others, I control my happiness no one else. I’m going to wake up each day and try to be the best possible person I can be in the world. Put out more positive energy in the world. Understand that everyone is going through something I don’t know about and treat them with kindness. But I’m going to make myself accountable – and do check ins. Adventure more, do things I’ve always wanted to do.

Getting your life together is exhausting, and for all those who have their lives sorted out. I applaud you. And when you start this journey you will realize a lot about yourself to find out who you really are. Tim McGraw said it best “I’m learning who you’ve been ain’t who you’ve got to be” 

One thing I want to remind of is: YOU DO NOT OWE ANYONE ANYTHING BUT YOURSELF.

So here’s to the remaining days of 2016 and here’s to the bright future 2017 & I have ahead! 
(PS: I didn’t wait till 2017, I started in the last little bit of 2016 😉) 

{GOMO & why you should do it}


First of all, you are probably thinking “what the hell is GOMO”. Let me tell you. It’s the opposite of FOMO (fear of missing out) and GOMO means Getting Out More Often. We are in the last days of summer and I’d be lying if I said I may have watched a lot of Netflix this summer – but that doesn’t mean I haven’t done cool things!

I recently came across Eventbrite, the largest self service ticketing platform to help people find and plan events. They are encouraging people to combat the FOMO and replace it with GOMO. So when I was brainstorming for this post I was going to do it on Boots and Hearts, but then I decided to do something I wouldn’t usually attend. A craft beer festival.

Okay, decision made, I’m going to a craft beer fest. Here are some thoughts that crossed my mind before attending:

  • Is there a dress code I should know about? (There isn’t)
  • Are they going to ask me about beer? I’m screwed if thats the case.
  • Do people really attend these things (I’d say 70% or more was non-locals)
  • OMG this little stein is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

So I went to the Collingwood Craft Beer festival ran by Canadian Craft Beer Festivals. What a welcoming group of people! Jokes were rolling the second I walked up. For a $25 admission I got the cute little stein and 6 tokens (I purchased an extra 10 for $10). I walked around feeling very overwhelmed with options and tried to stick to breweries I have never heard of.

Before I tell you about the samples and jokes all around, my philosophy was either surprise me because I am fortunate enough to be able to blog about this. I didn’t have much of a plan and I left it to the experts to give me the ultimate experience.

I kicked off the circuit with Broadhead Beer based out of Ottawa, I’m not sure what I actually drank I asked the guy to surprise me and he gave me his favourite but it was a pale ale. Next up I went to Collingwood Breweries (it seemed fitting) and I tried some Saison beer, now that was good. I went to sit down right beside the Collingwood Breweries and I noticed someone that was not a microbrewery but I was oh so happy to see is my favourite Boston Lager, Samuel Adams. Which you can’t actually get in Canada. I think I would of bought the keg from them. As I walked around I saw a brewery called Barnstormer. WATERMELON BEER and when I can find it back up north I will buy ALL OF IT. At this point I was feeling pretty hungry so I went over and got the classic fries from KungFu Dawg. Back on beer venture. Next stop was Beaus. Told the guy to surprise me and he gave me a bitter beer (warning: it isn’t as bad at first but when trying to decide my next stop it got bitter over time) but as I said to the guy I’ve had exes more bitter than the beer. Also Beau’s has the Tom Green Beer so I mean, they are winning. The second last stop was a brewery who was giving away stickers that everyone seemed to have (and yes, I totally got  a sticker) and the guys were so fun. They had a mega phone and was having fun with the crowd. I had so much fun with the guys at SawDustCity that I went back twice. Not only were these guys also from the north, they come from Gravenhurst a place I used to go to a lot as a child. My last stop on the beer circuit was BrickWork Cider House, a very simple cider that went down a little to easy to end my night.

There was a lot of breweries I didn’t get the chance to hit up but you can see the list over on the Collingwood Craft Beer Festival website.

I should also add that no beer fest is complete without some live music, when I was attending they had Collingwood’s favourite the Strange Potatoes.


{Carrie & Big}

Life, Personal Life



Any girl who has watched Sex & the City knows what I’m talking about. The Carrie- Big relationship was a huge plot in the show. The heartbreaks, the make-ups, the chasing to PARIS, the affairs and we all sat there with our snack wishing we had a relationship like that.

I was thinking on this somewhat crappy Monday – I have a Big. Now those who read my blog know the next words out of my mouth. John Mayer himself. I mean it’s still Carrie & Big the early years. But there’s a lot of similarities. Now, I can’t say we’ll end up married and he’s going to chase me in Paris with my douche Russian boyfriend who’s an artist and just plain sucks.

He’s my version of Big. Obviously this post is coming from recent communication and Sex and the City marathons.

Happy Monday, who’s your Mr. Big (or even Carrie?)